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I Pump my balls to enormous size, using a "suntea jar" instead of an expensive 2 stage cylinder. I didn't even buy a pump. I just use my mouth! ...and the total cost was under $10

The biggest problem jarheads have is finding a place to show off their cock and balls after a pumping session.

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    Suntea Jar (WITH SPIGOT) (Glass NOT plastic)
    Plastic or Latex Tubing
    Hose clamp (if needed)
    Silicone Sealant (recommended)
    Hose Crimp (optional)
    Padding (optional but recommended)

Suntea Jar- This is a glass (yes, glass!) jar which is intended to make tea by placing water and tea bags in the jar and placing the jar in the sun to steep the contents. Jarheads don't use the plastic suntea jar as they collapse under pressure. The jar is about 10 inches tall, about 20 inches around, has an opening about 4 inches across, has a spigot on the side near the bottom, and usually has daisies or some other pattern on it. Prices for these jars seem to range from a couple of dollars up to five dollars. Suntea jars are usually available at K-Mart (oddly, not in L A), Savon, Thrifty, Target, and similar drug and sundry stores. I paid $2.99 at Savon (the one where Eddie Murphy was stopped picking up a transgender hooker).

Plastic tubing - The plastic tubing should be at least a couple of feet long (I bought 4 feet) and the circumference of the tubing should be large enough to fit over the suntea jar spigot, approximately 3/4 inch inside diameter. This tubing is very inexpensive and is handy to have around. It is available at most hardware stores, building supply store (Home Depot), aquarium stores, and pet supply stores. I paid 12 cents per foot at Orchard Supply House on Sunset Blvd near the Hollywood Freeway.

Hose clamp - This may or may not be necessary depending upon the spigot on the suntea jar. If the spigot is tapered or the hose does not fit over it snug, it needs to be clamped on with a hose clamp available from an automobile parts supply house, hardware store, building materials dealer, medical supply store, etc. Usually the hose clamps are next to the plastic tubing. An alternative to the clamp is glue or silicone sealant. I avoided the clamp by removing the spigot and reversing it. By doing this, however, I then needed a tube crimp (described below). Another method of connecting the plastic tubing to the spigot is described at pumptoys.com

Lubricant - There is a lot of discussion among jarheads about what lubricant is best, but most jarheads agree a lot of lubricant is good. Among the favorites jarheads talk about are olive oil, crisco, vasoline, udder balm, vitamin e-oil (very expensive), Turtle Wax, and Wet Platinum. Water soluble lubricants are not satisfactory because they dry out when dry pumping or dissolve when wet pumping.

Hose Crimp - A hose crimp is a small plastic device that fits over the hose and when pinched, crimps the hose so that no air can pass through it. Hose crimps usually have notches that hold the crimp. These are available at a medical supply house. I got mine from a kidney patient. They cost a few cents each. I have also used a pencil in the open end of the tube to block the air flow. Most jarheads don use this because their suntea jar spigot creates a good seal, and they don't need a hose crimp. I also use an in-line valve which restricts the air flow in one direction. I got mine from an old bulb pump that came with a bookstore penis pump. The in-line valve is wonderful. I have talked with some guys on IRC that found one-way in-line valves for automobile air conditioners at an auto supply store.

Padding- This is where jarheads have been innovative an creative.

This is no doubt the most important issue in maintaining a proper seal and the most difficult problem to overcome. If you are willing to spend $30, this problem has been solved by a company doing busines as PumpToys.com. According to their promotion, "The problem of a practical seal for the Sun Tea Jar pumpers has been solved! The injection-molded STJ Precision Seal is unique, and brings a variety of advantages to the simple STJ. In addition, it fits a variety of acrylic cylinders of similar size."

Some jarheads don't put anything around the rim of the jar except a generous amount of lubricant. For me, this is too painful and too difficult to maintain a good vacuum. This also leaves an unattractive mark on the skin which lasts for quite awhile. Some Jarheads refer to this as the "public bulge".

I first tried slitting a piece of tubing lengthwise and fitting it over the rim of the jar and injecting silicone for a seal. It worked ok, but was still slightly uncomfortable. The silicone came loose the first time I put the jar in the dishwasher.

I discovered a very soft and pliable water pipe insulation at Orchard Supply House, a building supplies store. It cost under $5 for a five foot length and 16 inches was sufficient to go around the rim of the jar. It is already slit and has it's own adhesive. I sealed the joint with loosely applied electric tape (on my first attempt, I stretched the electric tape too tight and it created an air gap). I injected silicone under the padding to assure a good vacuum.

Some jarheads have found a "gasket" fitting for a plumbing fixture (a toilet, no doubt) which fits over the jars opening. It gives a good seal without the pain of the rim of the jar against your groin.

Several jarheads have reported using a liquid rubber tool dip. It is for coating the handles of old tools. They poured the dip into a shallow pan and dip the rim of the jar into the liquid. Three well cured applications seems to be the best for obtaining a thick seal covering the threads on the jar. This product is sold in almost all hardware stores and costs about $6 per can. It is also available in a spray, and (this is important to some jarheads) it comes in a variety of colors.

Another method of padding the rim is a toilet bowl wax which is placed over the cock and balls and the rim of the jar is butted against the wax. I have not tried this one.

Similar to the first one I used, some jarheads have used a piece of 5/16 fuel line, available at most auto parts stores. The fuel line is slit down the length of one side with a sharp blade, then cut it to the right length to match the circumference of the jar top. The ends are carefully glued together with super glue, and the ring is slipped over the jar rim. To improve the seal, most jarheads then glue it into place with super glue or silicone.

Pump - A pump is not necessary. With a good seal , no pump is needed. I just put the hose in my mouth and suck. At first I thought I needed a pump, but actually I didn't have a good seal and was losing vacuum. Suntea jar pumping does not require a lot of vacuum pressure. I have talked to a jarhead on IRC who has a pressure gauge and he discovered mouth suction vacuum pressures easily exceeded the pressure of an expensive pump. These gauges are not usually calibrated and a pressure reading from one gauge should not be compared with a reading of another gauge. Pressure gauge readings are of little value unless the gauge has been calibrated and can only be compared with other gauges which have been calibrated. All jarhead pumpers I know believe it is best to use a low pressure for a longer period of time than to use high pressure for short periods of time. High pressures can produce a number of undesirable side effects and health risks. Beside that, low pressure seems to produce longer lasting results.


CAUTION: This information is based on anecdotes and personal experiences. I do not advocate anyone else doing this, and if you are considering doing it, you should consult with appropriate health care providers and safety officials. You should also be aware there are risks associated with using knives, electricity, vacuum pressure, toxic glues, lubricants, water, and bathtubs.

Once my jar was fully assembled, I generously applied my lubricant to my cock, balls, groin, crotch and pubic areas. I found that lubricant is an important factor in achieving a suitable vacuum. I did take precautions not to get the lubricant on the furniture, pillows, and bedding.

On my first session I pumped dry. It is easier to pump dry and this gave me the opportunity to get accustomed to the techniques, become familiar with the procedures, and acquaint me with the results. I began to experiment soon after my first session with ideas I got from the Pumper's Forum and IRC chat.

Most jarheads have found it easiest to begin in a reclined position on a bed, sofa, or recliner chair. I had a towel and rag handy. I made myself comfortable with a pillow under my neck and back, and had an extra pillow on hand to prop up the suntea jar. I Drew my legs up (bent at the knee), spread my legs wide apart, and pushed the mouth of the suntea jar over my cock and balls, and pushed the jar tight against my abdomen and crotch. Depending upon the amount of body fat, some jarheads put the rim of the jar as close to the base of the penis as possible and use as much groin/crotch as possible to seal the vacuum. This helps prevent the vacuum from drawing their "apron" into the jar.

With the spigot valve open I began sucking on the tube. As soon as I had a good seal, I felt my cock and balls being drawn. It took a few minor adjustments of the jar to get a good seal and then I felt the suction right away. When a good vacuum was attained, I closed the spigot and the hose crimp (which wasn't necessary because I have an inline one way valve). After using my jar for several months, the rubber around the spigot lost it's seal and I had to put silicone around the grommet.

With only a little suction I could see my cock grow and stand up straight. It does not take a lot of pressure and there is absolutely no need for an electric or hand pump...especially ever mindful that my cock and balls were in a vacuum in a glass jar! Most suntea jars are made from a heavy glass and will withstand more pressure than a cock or balls, but I believe in using caution. In any case, I don't use a lot of pressure as I attain better results with longer sessions and lower pressure. High pressures can result in broken veins, discoloration, unusual shaped balls, donuts, purple spots, and any number of other conditions. My rule of thumb is that If I experience any pain, I release the pressure at once. Pain is not necessary when doing this. I find dry jar pumping is very comfortable when reclined on the sofa on top of an old comforter with a pillow between my legs to support the jar. This way I comfortably read or watch TV. Within a few minutes a good seal is attained and I can easily move about if I want to .

Some jarheads who do this in the sitting position report the pressure of the jar puts pressure on the groin and creates a minor discomfort. Some jarheads have reported back pain from being in the sitting position. Others have reported comfortably walking about after the first few minutes of pumping. If vacuum is lost, the suntea jar won't fall off, even with generous lubrication, because the balls and penis are larger than the opening. For me, reverse pumping is necessary to get out of the jar after only a few minutes of pumping.

I do not ever pump without taking breaks! The pressure needs to be released about every twenty minutes or so (more frequently when I was just starting). Releasing the pressure will not sacrifice any gains. I take frequent breaks and use this time to massage my cock.

When I experience difficulty removing my penis and balls between sessions, I use reverse pressure to blow them out. This is a very effective way of getting out of the jar after extreme pumping.

Results on first sessions vary widely among jarheads. Those beginning with large balls, report a smaller percentage of increase, but the measured results are usually larger. It is not uncommon for jarheads with small testicles to report doubling in size. I started at 9 inches so I never expected to achieve 18 inch balls.


PRE-SOAKING:By taking a warm bath before pumping the results will be dramatically improved. I use a bathtub instead of a shower for all of my bathing as i believe soaking in hot water facilitates getting low hangers (and my foreskin restoration).

Frequently I use the hot water method of suntea jar pumping by filling my jar half to three quarters full of the warmest water I can comfortably tolerate. I don't do this on my bed, sofa, or recliner. I usually do this outside on the patio or in the bath room.

After relaxing a few minutes in the bath tub I put hot water in the jar and pump while relaxing in the tub. This is especially good when having difficulty obtaining a good vacuum seal. If there are leaks, I can see the bubbles where the air is getting in and take corrective action such as adjusting the jar, applying lubricant, clamping the hose, or whatever it takes. As always, I am ever mindful that I am using glass, and that when the lubricant mixes with the water, there is a potential slip and fall hazard in the tub.

APPLYING HEAT:Whenever I am dry pumping, I improve my results by using a heating pad or a hot water bottle to apply heat. Heat speeds the enlargement process and produces more significant increases. Of course I know water and electricity don't mix, so I never use the heating pad with wet pumping or a hot water bottle and a heating pad.

CONSUMING FLUIDS:Drinking lots of water (2 quarts is talked about a lot by jarheads) before and during pumping produces faster results. My experience is that by drinking large quantities of water the scrotum gets large and the testicles don't. I have also experienced a greater increase in the girth of the penis (which I prefer not to have). Without consuming fluids, the testicles pump larger and the scrotum and penis pump up less. I have noticed a more pronounced donut effect when consuming fluid (again something I prefer not to have, but which lots of jarheads like).

COCK RING:After Pumping I apply aloosefitting, leather, snap-on cock ring around the scrotum only (under the penis). This seems to help keep the fluids in the scrotum and prevent bloating in the base of penis and guiche areas (the area between the anus and the scrotum). It also adds support to the balls and that gives them a better shape. It makes them appear even larger...especially under your "bulge wear".WARNING: NEVER WEAR A COCK RING WHILE PUMPING!!!

VITAMIN E OIL:Another after pumping luxury I like is an application of vitamin e oil. This stuff is rather expensive, but should be used sparingly anyway. It is absorbed into the skin rather quickly and softens the skin which I believe is helpful for stretching to get low hangers.

MASTURBATION:Some jarheads have reported less ejaculate after pumping, but I experience more copius and powerful ejaculations. Regardless of whether I ejaculate or not, I usually massage my penis to an erection for several minutes after suntea jar pumping because I believe this improves its shape and appearance.

SHAVING: A popular way of improving the seal among jarheads is pubic shaving or electrolysis. I shaved and/or trimmed my pubic area, penis, and balls for many years, but because of ingrown hairs, and the problems these cause when pumping, I have stopped shaving these areas and only trim them very close. I never pump when I have an ingrown hair on my penis or balls as it may cause a blood boil that will take several weeks to heal well enough to resume pumping.

CLEANUP: Because even tiny amounts of semen or urine in the jar can cause severe staff infection during a future pumping session, I always clean my suntea jar after each use.



  • Dry pumping: Less scrotum stretching and less penis enlargement.

  • Wet pumping: Produces low hangers, more penis enlargement, and bigger donut.

  • Pre-soaking: Faster results, better shaped balls, lower hanging balls.

  • Consuming liquids: Larger scrotum, larger penis, larger donut.

  • No liquid consumption: Larger testicles, less donut, less penis enlargement.

  • Applying heat: Either wet or dry heat produces faster and more significant results.

  • High pressure: Increases potential for undesirable side effects.

  • Low pressure: Longer lasting results, greater comfort, lower risk of undesirable side effects.

  • Cock Ring: (After Pumping) Keeps base of penis from bloating, shapes balls.

  • Vitamin e oil: Softens the skin of the testicles (and/or penis)

  • Obtaining an erection: Helps give penis better shape, feels good.

  • Stretching: Manual or weight stretching reduces bloat, improves shape, improves low-hanging, and facilitates future pumping success.

  • Clean Up: Semen or urine left in the jar could cause infection. Clean the jar after use.


  • In less than 3 hours I had 13 inch balls. It was awesome!!!

  • I went from 7.75 inches to about 10 inches in only 1.75 hours.

  • After 1.5 hrs I had difficulty extracting myself from the jar...

  • My balls were about 13 inches in circumference and my cock just under 4 inches

  • I gained about 1 inch in length.

  • After about two 1/2 hours of pumping I had a hard time removing my cock and balls.

  • The first time I did it, I got about a double in ball size in about 2 1/2 hours.

  • It takes me about 10-15 minutes to get to double size. I use a regulated valve and set it for no more than 150 mmHg (or 5" Hg). I use about four 10 minute sessions and rest for 5 minutes between. My balls go to 4 times their size.

  • After three hours they are huge.

  • It took me 3 hours to double in ball size in the jar. My sack increased to 13 inches around!

  • In two 20 minute sessions with a 5 minute break using low to moderate vacuum has doubled the size of my balls.

  • My penis increased about 1/4 inch length and about 1/2 inch girth after 2 hours.

  • I ended up with 14 inch nuts in 2 hours.

  • I thought using this jar would only stretch the sack and make them look larger. Boy, was I wrong. The sack swelled some, but the real action is in the enlargement of the nuts themselves. This is great!!!!

  • Incredible! They look like I've always wanted them to look!

  • This is great! My nuts got as big as goose eggs after the second 20 minute session.

  • In 3 hrs my balls grew to 15 inches (from 8 inches around)


One of the biggest problems for jarheads is what to do with their huge nuts after a successful pumping session. It's a problem just getting your levi's buttoned.

Here are what some jarheads do after pumping:

  • ... throw my legs over my head and lick my huge low hanging nuts...

  • ... it's hot to squish your nuts between your legs...

  • ... nude sun bathing was never so much fun as this ...

  • ... let the balls bounce violently up and down slamming against my butt cheeks...

  • ... what a feeling it is to have your huge pumped nuts hanging so low ...

  • ... can't keep them big balls inside my shorts when I go to the beach

  • ... even straight guys can't keep their eyes off them in the shower at the gym

  • ... yank your cock to feel those suckers banging against your legs ...

  • ... went shopping the next morning...my bulge was noticed...

  • ... another great feeling: BALL-SITTING ...

  • ... took them to the baths and showed them off...

  • ... packed SPEEDO's at the beach are a real eye catcher

Thanks to the many ball pumpers who have generously shared their experiences onUndernet's #GayVacPump (since gone) on IRC, the many contributors toThe Vacuum Pumping Forum, and the many guys who have sent e-mail to The Penis Owners Handbook and Operating Manual.