Glory Hole Protocol and Information

Everything you need to know about Glory Holes


Glory-Hole Protocol

Safety Considerations

Conversation between booths
Two or more men in a booth
  • Most bookstores do not allow more than one man in a booth, although there are a few places that encourage it.
  • Don't be shy if a man has made eye contact with you before going into a booth. If the door is not locked, he wants you to come in. If he locked it, you read his signals wrong so just move on to the next guy.
  • You can negotiate sharing your booth with other men by talking through the glory hole.
  • If sharing a booth is not permitted by the establishment and you are caught, you will be bounced by the store. Two guys in one booth is half as much money as two guys in two booths. Signs are often posted if it is not permitted.
  • Keep your hand on the door and keep your pants up until both of you are in the booth. Another interested party could intercepts your signals.
  • Some men just want to jack-off together and do not want to be touched.
  • If you get into a booth with another man, it is generally expected that both men feed money into the slots.
  • Most stores have gay, straight, and bisexual videos for you to watch. It isn't uncommon for someone sharing your booth to change the channel. Don't be insulted, he simply has a different fantasy.


  • Usually the top will simply pull up his pants and leave after he cums. He got what he came for.
  • Normally, the man who gets into the booth with you will help you cum as well.
  • If a man doesn't make a move to help you cum or if he doesn't take turns, he will probably shoot his wad and leave.
  • Often it isn't necessary to reciprocate as the bottom shoots his load while he is sucking.
  • Don't expect reciprocation and you won't be disappointed.
  • Don't be shy about suggesting reciprocation, or anything else when it comes to glory-hole protocol.

Money and Videos
  • Some adult bookstores have a cover charge which may vary from $1 to $5. In some cases you must buy a minimum of non-refundable tokens.
  • Booths normally take quarters, dollar bills or tokens. The amount of video time you get for that money varies widely.
  • Stores almost universally do not allow anyone to be in a booth without the video running.
  • Very few bookstores allow loitering outside of a booth in the booth area and not spending money.
  • Cruising in the parking lot outside of the bookstore is rarely permitted.
  • As long as you are spending money and you will probably be left alone. Bookstores are a business and they are not going to let you hang around for free.

Packing for Your Glory-Hole Outing

What you need

  • Money
  • Condoms
  • Lubrication
  • Tissues or WetTowels. Bookstores frown on having to clean up cum.

About Men Who Go To Glory-Holes

  • All physical types. Good-looking, ugly, fat, thin, clean, smelly, young, old, bald, hairy, effeminate, muscular, leather, jocks, courteous, rude, hung, un-hung, cut, uncut, first-timers, yatta yatta yatta.
  • Mostly men are single guys, but some married men frequent these places as well.
  • Encountering an overly aggressive troll can be annoying. If a man that you are notinterested in follows you from booth to booth, whispers to you, begs you to do him, or begs you to let him do you, your best bet is to ignore him and avoid any eye contact. If this does not work tell him you are not interested. If he persists, try leaving or go into a booth with no holes until he finds someone else to bother.

Encountering an acquaintance

  • Anyone you meet in an adult bookstore near the video booth area is obviously there for the same reason you are and has an equal amount of "explaining" to do.
  • Don't avoid them. Walk up to them and say hello with a smile and see how they respond. If they ignore you, they want to make believe they don't know you.
  • They may ignore you and pretend not to know you and get in the booth next to me and suck you off.

Where to find glory holes

  • Look for stores that exclusively rent adult videos or advertise video booths, couples booths, or "buddy" booths. Many bookstores advertise in X-rated newspapers such as X-Press in Hollywood.
  • Look at the Cruising for sex page. This web site provides a huge list of worldwide reader-provided sites where semi-public sex is practiced.
    A new website intended for gays men is Cruising for Action.

How to judge if a bookstore tolerates sexual activity

  • A store that tolerates activity:
    • Will have glory holes in booths.
    • Will have some of the booths out of the line of sight of the store clerk and cameras
    • Will have booth doors that lock.
    • Have people loitering a short time in the aisles.
  • A store that does not tolerate activity:
    • Has the booths directly in the line of sight of the store clerk.
    • Has no doors on the booths.
    • Has no locks or latches on the doors to the booths.
    • Does not allow men to walk around cruising the booth area.
    • Has the clerk periodically check the booths for multiple occupants. Do not mistake the clerk telling people to drop tokens or money. This happens in everywhere and is a different issue.
    • Has video cameras so that the clerk can monitor what activity is happening out of his sight.

Keep The Goal in Mind