Beginners Guide to Sucking Cock

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Fellatio is a term which describes a method of having sex known also as "giving head", giving a "blow-job", "sucking a cock" or any of a few dozen other slang terms. Fellatio is the act of applying your lips to another man's penis (or your own) with the purpose of rendering sexual pleasure. Many men are partial to this kind of penile stimulation, and, of course, many men are partial to this form of oral pleasure and enjoy giving it very much.

Some men believe females are incapable of performing fellatio. Obviously, this belief is more widely held among gay men and bi-sexuals. Most men will never know which is better because they either only have it done by a woman or only have it done by a man. The blow jobs depicted in most heterosexual porno movies would cause me to flee in terror. A factor in this issue may be that women's mouths tend to be smaller than men's. It also could be they lack enthusiasm, and perhaps since they don't have a cock they are unaware of the potential hazards and rewards of oral sex. A man's cock is a delicate instrument and must be blown carefully. The cardinal rule: NO TEETH! NEVER BITE! What's really important to some men is that they are also erotically stimulated by a hot, throbbing cock which a woman doesn't have. The advice here is not intended for women anyway because I am ignorant of how they think, feel, and otherwise interact with heterosexual men.

There are several possible positions for fellatio shown below. The man receiving the blow job standing and the man giving the blow job kneeling is quite common. Another common position is for the man receiving the blow job to lie on his back on a bed while the other man lies on his stomach between the other man's legs. Also quite popular is one man standing or sitting on a table and the other man standing or kneeling on the floor giving him service. Several other positions are described later in this discussion, but position is mostly only important in terms of making a suitable fit between cock and mouth. Otherwise it is a matter of preference that many men receiving blow jobs like to be standing and look down on the person servicing them. It can also be a preference of the man giving the blow that he likes to be kneeling or in some other submissive position.

There are only a few tips to fellatio that can be given. The best suggestion is that you practice at every opportunity and pay attention to the signals you are receiving from the man attached to the penis you are servicing. The lips and the tongue are the major sources of stimulation, although the throat, saliva, warm breath, and manual manipulation can be important also.

It is with the lips and tongue that you should apply the attention that will make him feel good. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as sucking, blowing, licking, swallowing, and swishing. Men usually respond well to pressure and rhythm. A steady stroke will usually get the reaction you're looking for.

Deep throating is taking the penis down past your gag reflex. In reality, this particular sexual adventure is very overrated since the corona of the glans (the area just below the head of the cock) is usually the most senitive area of the penis and is not highly stimulated by the throat.

If the man's cock is too big to fit in your mouth, you may be able to accomodate him by lying on a bed on your back with your head hanging slightly over the side of the bed. Your partner can then penetrate the throat without aggravating your gag reflexes! Your gag reflexes may be lessened if you inhale deeply before first swallowing the cock. As with other physical activities, you can warm up for the event by opening your jaws as if to yawn. This will relax the jaws and diminish the gag reflex and give you a greater ability to take a big one without choking.

An advanced technique of deep throating requires you to identify a muscle similar to a sphincter at the back of the throat. With practice, you can tighten the passage of the throat and then force the man's penis down through the restricted area of the throat. The throat sphincter point is the place where you will think that the cock has gone as far as it can go, but with experience and a slight amount of pressure, it will go further. Once you have accomplished swallowing a cock further than the gullet muscles, you will learn to make it easier by opening up your jaw as far as possible and allow the cock to move as deep as possible down your throat.

This advanced technique can be a challenge, but it can be incredibly stimulating to the head of the man's cock. The alternating pressure and release against the throat sphincter is a massaging technique that provides immense pleasure for the well-endowed partner. This technique may not work on an average or small cock because the throat muscles are located about 7 or 8 inches behind the teeth. Most men's cocks will not reach this deep and are not capable of experiencing this pleasure. As one who has had the pleasure, I can assure you it is grand.

Breath control is very important for sucking comfort. Proper breath control enhances the experience for the recipient by allowing you to maintain a prolonged ryhthmic motion. It also diminishes the likelyhood you will accidentally gag or snag his foreskin on a tooth. Inhale through the nose on the down stroke and hold your breath for as many up-down strokes as possible and then exhale through the nose on an upstroke. Try holding your throat all the way down to the base and keep it there while you inhale. You will see that even the biggest cocks in your throat do not block the breathing passage.

One of the best ways to give fellatio is with the lips and tongue, taking only as much as you can without gagging. However, for those that want to deep throat, take the penis as far as you can without choking, and then close your eyes and concentrate, taking each quarter inch, telling yourself that you won't choke, that you can take it out at any time, and slowly swallow it down. Then rise off of it again, slowly.

If the penis you are servicing is uncircumcised, you may find it is stimulated easily by inserting your tongue under the foreskin. A similar technique is to fill the foreskin with saliva and swish it in and out. It is important to know that an uncircumcised penis is much more sensitive than a circumcised penis and must be treated accordingly. Uncircumcised men can enjoy the sensation of the shaft skin moving back and forth over the shaft and glans.

Every man's penis is different, and each one has a mind of it's own. Each has it's own sensitive spots and its preferred ways of being handled. Listen to the man attached to the penis. The sounds he makes and the sensations of his body motions are the best clues that what you are doing is right.

You can add stimulation to whatever of the penis you can't fit into your mouth by grasping it in your hand. A nice touch sometimes is to make a circle with the thumb and forefinger to simulate an orifice opening. Some men like as much stimulation as possible, and the feel of a wet mouth and a saliva-slicked hand are enough to send them to the brink of orgasm very quickly. Other men prefer the knowledge and sensation of having only the head of the penis stimulated, and only with the mouth.

One of the best positions for oral sex is the 69 position, where each partner lies with their head by the other's genitals. This can be accomplished with one man on top of the other, holding himself slightly elevated with his knees, or side by side. In some cases one man will stand upright and hold the other upside down by grasping his arms around the other man's waiste. This position requires substantial physical strength for one man and is rather uncomfortable for the other. Such a position is difficult to maintain long enough for either to achieve an orgasm.

For fellatio one form or another of the 69 position makes sense because most cocks curve upwards, towards the head, and in the 69 position the curve of the penis matches the curve of the throat.

For some men swallowing their semen is important. They somehow feel that by swallowing their semen you are completing the act of lovemaking and accepting a part of themselves into your body. On the other hand, many men don't like the taste of semen and can't bring themselves to swallowing it. Although the degree of risk of acquiring AIDS or HIV from swallowing cum has been debated for some time, the most recent guidelines rank this as risky behavior. Discuss the issue beforehand-- let him know if you won't swallow his cum, or if in fact you demand that he wear a condom. If you are not concerned with using a condom, but the taste of semen is unpleasant for you, letting him shoot on your face may be a suitable compromise.

Some time before AIDS or HIV was a health issue, I received regular blow jobs from a man who always put a lubricant filled condom on my cock with his lips. For me, the sensation was incredibly arousing and erotic. I still prefer to be sucked while wearing a liberally lubricated condom. When using a condom for oral sex, buy the unlubricated variety that are slightly minted, then apply your own waterbased lubricant only to the inside of the condom which will be placed over the other man's cock. A condom also solves the issue of how the cum tastes.

When performing fellatio, it is important to be enthusiastic. (This may be what many females are lacking when giving blow jobs.) You must love what you are doing or to him, either because you love him or you love sucking cock. Even better is if you love both.

Some variations, aside from deep throating, are blowing two cocks at the same time. Two cocks touching or rubbing produces an exciting sensation. Two mouths on one cock is another arousing experience. Some men like to deepthroat facefuck. Some men like to be fucked in the ass while being sucked, and many enjoy having their balls or asshole licked while being blown. These are almost always a sure way to get a man to shoot his load in a hurry. Some men like to hold or force the head of the guy who is blowing them onto their cock. If you really enjoy sucking cock, prolonged sessions of slow cock sucking and multiple orgasms can be fun. My own personal best is seven orgams between 10PM and 8AM. Seven is also the most number of times I have been able to bring another man to climax during the course of a night together.

Some men like to get blow jobs only through a glory hole and quite often men like only to give blow jobs through a glory hole. Using a glory hole gives the cocksucker considerable more control regarding technique. The glory hole also gives the man receiving the blowjob more control in when he will ejaculate because he can withdraw his penis if it is stimulated to the verge of ejaculation. It is interesting how many men who think of themselves at 100% heterosexual enjoy giving and receiving blow jobs through a glory hole.

The glory hole also allows the person receiving the blow job to fantasize about what he is doing with his cock or what is being done with it. For the penile recipient, there is more privacy to masturbate and, if desired, anononimity can be maintained.

In some cases you can add intensity to the erection and the blow job by using your free hand to apply gentle pressure to the veins of the cock. By slightly restricting the blood flowing out of the cock and allowing the blood to continue flowing into the cock, you can significantly harden the cock and for many men, increase the sensitivity, prolong the erection, and delay the orgasm.

Cockrings are designed to allow blood to flow into the cock and keep it in. The effects of a cockring can be achieved by simply applying gentle pressure against the veins in the cock. The next paragraph describes how to find the veins and arteries and the functions of each.

The arteries shown in the cross-section diagram at left run lengthwise through the penis near the center and pump blood into into the corpus cavernosum area which makes the cock erect. The veins in the penis shown in the cross-section diagram at left run lenghtwise down the cock near the skin surface and pump the blood out of the cock. The penis head, or glans, is an enlargement of the corpus spongiosum.

Other more far fetched blow jobs include using menthol toothpaste, Altoids, icecubes, beer and various other liquids.

Not everyone is capable of performing fellation on themself, but I suspect most men have tried. Although I am no longer capable of doing this (due to increased age and a back injury) I was able to enjoy the benefits of self fellatio for several years. No doubt some men would find this completely repulsive, but it is a romance I would very much like to rekindle. Those men who are capable of self sucking are usually either endowed with a very long penis or are very slim and limber or both, however some claim that technique is what makes the difference and endowment and body size and limberness do not prevent anyone from doing it.

Some men go to extraordinary lengths to enable themselves to achieve orgasm by autofellation. There are stories of men having a surgical penis lengthening procedure in which the suspensory ligaments which suspend the penis to the pubic bone are cut so that the body of the penis can be elongated or advanced.

Another penis lengthening technique involves using weights such as the American Bodycrafters PLD device (Left) or the Circle Device from D France, Inc (Right). These devices either stretch the penis or the penis ligaments.

In Hollywood there are rumors that Marilyn Manson had his lower set of ribs surgically removed so that he would be limber enough to suck his own cock.

If you still have a free hand, many men enjoy having their balls played with while receiving a blow job. In many cases this will greatly accelerate the point of ejaculation. Some men like having their balls squeezed or slapped. Even men with highly sensitive testicles often enjoy a gentle thumping using the thumb and forefinger rather like shooting a marble.

The guiche area is between the legs, balls, and asshole. A small amount of pressure applied to this area of the penis can also be very erotic to most men and accelerate the point of ejaculation. Just placing a finger in this area and only barely making contact with the skin is adequate. The pulsing of the penis will do the rest and drive many men to ecstacy. Some men require more pressure for stimulation in this area and a little lubricant or saliva accompanied by a gentle massaging motion will have similar results.

Some men, but not all, enjoy a slippery finger applied to the anus while being sucked. This is something most men feel very strongly about one way or the other. If they don't like it, they will probably just move your hand away from the area, but will certainly let you know if they don't like it.

If you gently massage the area around the anus and get a positive response, you can slowly and gently insert a finger into the anus when the sphincter is properly lubricated and relaxed. It is unwise to attempt inserting anything into an anus without properly servicing it before hand. Rectal foreplay is very important.